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Optimize Therapy & Rehabilitation Schedules with ShiftLink


As a Therapy and Rehabilitation Coordinator, you play a crucial role in ensuring patients receive the timely care they need.


At ShiftLink, we're dedicated to assisting you in effortlessly managing therapy and rehabilitation schedules, so that every patient's journey to recovery is smooth and efficient.


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Effortless Scheduling Management


Empathetic Approach

Just like you, we understand the significance of timely therapy and rehabilitation for patients, and our software is designed with deep empathy for their needs.



Meticulous Organization

Scheduling multiple therapists, handling patient appointments, and optimizing facility usage demand meticulous attention to detail, a core feature of ShiftLink.


Effective Communication

Seamless coordination between patients, therapists, and other medical professionals is made easy with ShiftLink's effective communication tools.



Problem-Solving Tools

ShiftLink equips you to handle any scheduling conflicts or issues that might arise in a dynamic therapeutic environment, reflecting your problem-solving acumen.


Collaborative Solutions

As a team player, you'll appreciate how ShiftLink fosters collaboration among a wide range of professionals, ensuring everyone is aligned with the center's goals.




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Maximize Patient Recovery


Our software ensures that every patient gets timely care as prescribed, aiding their recovery journey. Delays or scheduling hiccups are a thing of the past with ShiftLink.


Ensure every patient gets timely care. Discover ShiftLink's scheduling magic!


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Your Motivations, Our Solutions 


Timely Patient Care


We understand that it's crucial for patients to receive therapy as prescribed to aid their recovery. Delays or hiccups in scheduling can adversely affect outcomes.


Balanced Therapist Workload


ShiftLink helps you ensure that therapists aren't overworked, which could affect the quality of care and therapist satisfaction.


Seamless Coordination


Efficient coordination between different therapists, specializations, and patient requirements is a top priority, and ShiftLink streamlines this process.



Balanced workload, happy therapists, better outcomes. Dive into ShiftLink –


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Join the ranks of Therapy and Rehabilitation Coordinators who have transformed their operations with ShiftLink.


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Stevenson Memorial Hospital 

“The experience of scheduling – not only for the hospital, but for our clinicians from a personal perspective – has improved. It helps to make life more predictable in a business that runs 24/7, and by making the process easier, we are not running short which has a major impact on patient care.” 

- Carrie Jeffreys, Chief Nursing Executive



St. Joseph’s Health Care London

“Since the implementation of ShiftLink within our Mental Health Care Program at Parkwood Institute, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of complaints from staff and our union partners related to incorrect callout processes… Productivity has increased for our staffing office, which has been especially valued during the pandemic – when at times we had many shortages.  ShiftLink has been an excellent choice.”  
- Kerrie, Coordinator



Oak Valley Health 

"Instead of making dozens of phone calls to fill one shift, I can post multiple shifts in minutes. It's fast and easy." 
- Chantal Brum, Call Centre Clerk

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