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This should cover the basics but we’re always here to chat if you want to know more. Drop us a note at [email protected] or better yet, sign up for a scheduling software demo.


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Can ShiftLink's scheduling software operate in a unionized environment?

Absolutely! Union seniority can be created and managed inside your ShiftLink account.

Staff responses will be listed in order of seniority!





Will ShiftLink work with Multi-Site / Multi-Program operations?

Most definitely. One of ShiftLink’s core functions is to segment shift notifications based on location or program.

Shift times can be customized to each site, program and/or department.





Can staff create and/or edit their profiles?

That’s entirely up to you. ShiftLink's staff scheduling app can be as open or restrictive as you need.





How long does it take to implement the system?

ShiftLink can be configured in 48 hours. 

Rollout and training can be accomplished in as little as 30 days, depending on your staff compliment.





Does ShiftLink have a scheduling component?

Yes! Ditch those Excel spreadsheets and get digital!





Can ShiftLink integrate with other systems, such as payroll?

Yep!  Let’s chat about what systems you currently use.





What are ShiftLink’s fees?

We’ll need a bit more information from you for this one, but our prices are all-in; including system set up, 24-hour support, training and go-live change management. Let’s chat!




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