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We Understand Your Needs

We’ve been in your shoes.


Our background working in healthcare allowed us to see firsthand how costly filling vacant shifts could be. We saw how inefficient it was to make phone call after phone call while the important work of helping people was on standby. We saw how it could consume a manager’s whole day and already limited resources, leaving them frustrated and defeated. We watched staff feeling guilty about turning down a shift or angry about being cajoled into one they didn’t want.


Worst of all, we saw how this process led to extended wait times and cancelled service for clients and their families.


Nobody was winning. Everybody was tired and frustrated.


There had to be a better way.


At the time there wasn’t, so we created ShiftLink Scheduling Software.


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Why Choose ShiftLink?

We partner with shelters, hospitals, and unions to provide a tangible solution to a costly and frustrating problem.


Here’s how choosing ShiftLink's employee scheduling software could benefit you:

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Fill More Shifts

ShiftLink helps you optimize your shift filling process. It takes a few days to implement, minutes to grasp, and seconds to utilize. By using ShiftLink, you can reclaim at least 75% of the time typically used for contacting staff. Now you can spend that time on the deeply impactful work you do in your community.

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Save Money

You’ve heard the age old saying that “time is money”. Well, with ShiftLink, this is true. By regaining your time, you’re able to better invest those resources into helping your community and save costs on administrative work. It’s safe to say this is a win for everyone.

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Improve Staff Morale

We understand how frustrating the tedious task of filling shifts is for your team. It takes time and focus away from doing the meaningful work they want to do. By using ShiftLink, they not regain their time, but also their passion for their work. Using ShiftLink boosts staff morale, helps you build trust between your HR department and your union representative, and prevents employee burnout. Happy staff make for a happy workplace environment.

Filling Shifts with ShiftLink's Scheduling Software Is as Easy As 1-2-3


1. Post an available shift.

Your staff are notified instantly and have an equal amount of time to respond.

2. Employees review the shift details.

Using our mobile app, email or text, staff can simply choose Accept or Decline.

3. Fill the shift!

Select the appropriate staff member and employees are automatically notified of the outcome.


It’s really that simple.


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Over 55 million notifications sent


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Over 800,000 shifts filled


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More than 600 nursing teams use ShiftLink everyday

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Our Clients Said It Best

The Salvation Army logo

The Salvation Army Yellowknife 

"We have found ShiftLink very helpful for scheduling staff and filling shifts. It has saved our team of supervisors and managers much time and frustration as they no longer have to make numerous phone calls and search through contact information!"
- Derek P, Program Manager
Homes First logo

Homes First Society

"Using ShiftLink has allowed staff more time to focus on clients throughout their shifts rather than doing call arounds to fill cancelled shifts. It is easy to use and training for new staff takes just a few minutes."
- Brenda D, Supervisor


Oak Valley Health formerly Markham Stouffville Hospital logo

Oak Valley Health

"Instead of making dozens of phone calls to fill one shift, I can post multiple shifts in minutes. It's fast and easy."
- Chantal B, Call Centre Clerk
Saint Vincent De Paul logo

Saint Vincent De Paul

"ShiftLink is a great tool to make my work more efficient and allows me to focus on other aspects of my job."
- Laura K, Director, Elisa House

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