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Simplify Shift Supervision with ShiftLink


Streamline Operations, Balances Workloads, and Promotes Staff Well-being


As a Shift Supervisor, you shoulder the crucial responsibility of directly supervising staff on each shift, ensuring appropriate staffing levels and quick problem-solving.


At ShiftLink, we understand the demands of your role and are committed to providing you with reliable and user-friendly shift management software that streamlines operations, balances workloads, and promotes staff well-being.


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Shift Supervisor in hospital with nurses in the background

Seamless Shift Management


Detail-Oriented Approach

Just like you, we pay meticulous attention to every minor detail to ensure that shifts run smoothly without any hiccups.



Empathetic Solutions

We empathize with the stresses and strains of medical work and strive to ensure staff well-being, aligning with your values.



Decisive Tools

ShiftLink equips you to act quickly and make decisions, especially when faced with challenges or unexpected events during shifts.



Team-Focused Features

Our software values collaboration and harmony among team members, ensuring that everyone's needs and preferences are considered.


Proactive Approach

ShiftLink allows you to anticipate problems and address them before they escalate, just as you prefer.





Happy healthcare staff and nurses



Balanced Workloads and Real-Time Updates


Our software provides real-time updates and helps balance workloads across the team, preventing staff burnout and ensuring that patients receive consistent care irrespective of the time or day.


Prioritize your team's well-being with balanced shifts. Start with ShiftLink today!


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Your Motivations, Our Solutions 


Problem Resolution


ShiftLink helps you pre-emptively tackle any shift-related issues before they affect patient care or staff morale.


Ensuring Proper Shift Coverage


We ensure that there are no gaps in shifts, and that there's always a capable staff member attending to patients.


Promoting Staff Well-being


By having balanced shifts and clear communication, we enhance the job satisfaction of your team and reduce instances of burnout.


Leadership Recognition


We empower you to stand out to your manager as someone who is innovative and brings new ideas to the organization.


Shifts made simple, staff kept happy. Dive into ShiftLink's capabilities  –


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Join the ranks of Shift Supervisors who have transformed their shift management with ShiftLink.


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Shepherds of Good Hope 

“Emergency scheduling used to be one of our most burdensome activities; Shiftlink has not only resolved that but has enhanced the overall employee and employer experience. The platform is customizable to meet our individualized needs and is now an inherent part of our organization.”
- Steven Parker, Senior Manager, Supportive Housing

Street Haven logo - caring for women.


Street Haven

“ShiftLink has transformed the way we work at Street Haven. It has afforded us a system to be able to be more efficient and consistent. It has saved us an incredible amount of time and is extremely user friendly. The support team at ShiftLink are always available for questions and open to feedback. ShiftLink has truly been a game changer!”
- Hayley Bloom, Director, Addiction Services



Oak Valley Health 

"Instead of making dozens of phone calls to fill one shift, I can post multiple shifts in minutes. It's fast and easy." 


- Chantal Brum, Call Centre Clerk


Homes First Society

"Using ShiftLink has allowed staff more time to focus on clients throughout their shifts rather than doing call arounds to fill cancelled shifts. It is easy to use and training for new staff takes just a few minutes."
- Brenda De Andrade, Supervisor

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Prioritize your team's well-being with balanced shifts.
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