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Elevate Shelter Efficiency with ShiftLink


Create Seamless Day-to-Day Shelter Operations, Improve Staff Morale, and Prioritize Client Well-Being


Your role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the shelter is pivotal. At ShiftLink, we're committed to helping you optimize shelter operations, maximize staff morale, and prioritize client safety and comfort.


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Happy unhoused clients at homeless shelter with staff in background.

Creating Seamless Shelter Operations


Analytical Approach

Just like you, we rely on data-driven decision-making, ensuring that every solution is backed by measurable outcomes and industry benchmarks.



Efficiency-Driven Solutions

Our software aligns perfectly with your efficiency-oriented mindset, streamlining shelter processes for uninterrupted operations.


Team Player-Focused

We believe in collective growth and actively encourage input from your team to enhance shelter operations.




Adaptable Technology

Our system swiftly adapts to new technologies and systems, promising improved shelter management, including emergency call outs, punch clock management, and resource allocation.


Client-Centric Care

We understand that client satisfaction is your top priority. Our processes prioritize their comfort and well-being at every step.





Happy homeless shelter staff looking through donation bins.



Improve Staff Morale


Our scheduling solutions eliminate conflicts and respect personal time-offs and preferences, boosting morale among shelter employees, while efficiently managing punch clock and resource allocation.


Simplify scheduling and boost staff morale with ShiftLink.


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Your Motivations, Our Solutions 


Seamless Day-to-Day Shelter Operations


In both Union and Non-unionized environment, we ensure the shelter runs without hitches, guaranteeing clients receive the care they need on time, with no scheduling overlaps or gaps, even during emergency callouts.


Increased Staff Satisfaction


By respecting personal time-offs and preferences, we aim to boost morale among shelter employees.


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Join the ranks of shelter directors who have transformed their operations with ShiftLink.


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The Salvation Army Yellowknife

"We have found ShiftLink very helpful for scheduling staff and filling shifts. It has saved our team of supervisors and managers much time and frustration as they no longer have to make numerous phone calls and search through contact information!" 
- Derek Pluchinski, Program Manager 



Shepherds of Good Hope 

“Emergency scheduling used to be one of our most burdensome activities; Shiftlink has not only resolved that but has enhanced the overall employee and employer experience. The platform is customizable to meet our individualized needs and is now an inherent part of our organization.” 
- Steven Parker, Senior Manager, Supportive Housing


Transition House 

“ShiftLink has been a game-changer in our organization.  We were used to countless hours filling vacant shifts via phone calls and emails.  The ability to connect with your entire team, quickly and easily has given us the gift of time!  We would highly recommend this program and the team behind it.” 
- Chantelle Niles, Call Centre Clerk



Covenant House Toronto 

“The ShiftLink application is an incredibly valuable tool when scheduling staff. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ShiftLink saves us time rather than phoning people individually. They are very responsive to our needs and are a pleasure to work with.”   
- Desiree Hosking, Associate Director, Program Services

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