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Elevate HR Efficiency with ShiftLink


As an HR Director, your role is pivotal in maintaining a well-functioning organization.


At ShiftLink, we're committed to empowering you to optimize HR processes, streamline staffing, and resolve disputes swiftly, all while ensuring a harmonious workplace, even in unionized environments.


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HR director meeting with happy office workers.

Enhance HR Operations Your Way


Organized Solutions

We know that meticulous organization is crucial in HR, just like you do. ShiftLink offers structured solutions that simplify your HR tasks, aligned with your meticulous nature.



Empathetic Approach

As a bridge between management and staff, our tools empower you to understand and address the needs and concerns of both sides, just as you naturally would.



Problem-Solving Tools

Whether it's resolving disputes or finding the perfect candidate, ShiftLink equips you with solution-oriented tools that resonate with your problem-solving mindset.


Effective Communication

Facilitating communication between various departments and hierarchies is effortless with ShiftLink, ensuring seamless collaboration that matches your communication skills.


Strategic Thinking

Align your HR strategies with the company's goals effortlessly. ShiftLink supports your short-term and long-term planning needs, mirroring your strategic thinking. 




Happy HR director looking at laptop screen.



Boost Staffing Efficiency Your Way


Our software simplifies and improves staffing processes, from recruitment to day-to-day scheduling, ensuring that departments are adequately staffed, and any conflicts are swiftly addressed, just as you intend.


Solve disputes before they arise. ShiftLink has got your back!


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Your Motivations, Our Solutions 


Effective Recruitment


Expedite the hiring process and fill positions promptly with the right candidates using ShiftLink's powerful tools, aligning with your goal of effective recruitment.


Streamlined Scheduling


Avoid under-staffing or over-staffing scenarios to enhance efficiency and boost morale, as per your motivation.


Dispute Management


Address scheduling disputes or misunderstandings promptly to improve workplace culture and employee satisfaction. ShiftLink supports you in complex situations that require mediation, arbitration, or legal support.


Attract, retain, and manage talent effortlessly with ShiftLink.


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Join the ranks of HR professionals who have transformed their operations with ShiftLink.


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Saint Vincent De Paul  

"ShiftLink is a great tool to make my work more efficient and allows me to focus on other aspects of my job." 
- Laura Kiss, Director, Elisa House



Homes First Society 

"Using ShiftLink has allowed staff more time to focus on clients throughout their shifts rather than doing call arounds to fill cancelled shifts. It is easy to use and training for new staff takes just a few minutes." 
- Brenda De Andrade, Supervisor



Street Haven 

“ShiftLink has transformed the way we work at Street Haven. It has afforded us a system to be able to be more efficient and consistent. It has saved us an incredible amount of time and is extremely user friendly. The support team at ShiftLink are always available for questions and open to feedback. ShiftLink has truly been a game changer!” 
- Hayley Bloom, Director, Addiction Services



Shepherds of Good Hope 

“Emergency scheduling used to be one of our most burdensome activities; Shiftlink has not only resolved that but has enhanced the overall employee and employer experience. The platform is customizable to meet our individualized needs and is now an inherent part of our organization.” 
- Steven Parker, Senior Manager, Supportive Housing

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