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Revolutionize Hospital-Wide Operations with ShiftLink


Empower Your Team, Reduce Costs, Enhance Patient Satisfaction, and Future-Proof Your Hospital 


As a seasoned healthcare professional, you're aware that the smooth operation of a hospital demands precision and strategy. At ShiftLink, we're committed to helping you achieve operational excellence while prioritizing cost-efficiency and patient satisfaction. 


Empower Hospital-Wide Operations with Shiftlink.
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Empower Hospital-Wide Operations


Detail-Oriented Leader

Just like you, we meticulously analyze operations, spotting inefficiencies and transforming them into opportunities. 


Leader & Motivator

Our solutions align with your leadership style, motivating your team towards common operational goals. 


Problem Solver

We share your proactive approach to problem-solving, ensuring challenges are addressed swiftly and effectively. 


Strategic Thinker

We understand the importance of long-term planning and future-proofing hospital operations. 




Nurse in hospital on tablet using Shift Scheduling App



Transform Inefficiencies into Opportunities


As a comprehensive software solution, ShiftLink seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition without operational hiccups.


Boost your clinic's efficiency and staff morale in one move. Try ShiftLink now! 


Transform Inefficiencies Into Opportunities.
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Your Motivations, Our Solutions 


Cost Savings


Our efficient operations result in reduced wastage, directly impacting your hospital's bottom line. Achieve significant cost savings


Improving Operational Efficiency


With ShiftLink, your hospital runs like a well-oiled machine, from patient admissions to discharges, ensuring streamlined processes. 


Enhancing Patient Satisfaction


We recognize that patient satisfaction encompasses the entire hospital experience, including wait times, staff interactions, and more. 



Elevate patient satisfaction with optimal staff scheduling. Explore ShiftLink - 


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Join the ranks of hospital administrators who have transformed their operations with ShiftLink.


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patient satisfaction while future-proofing your hospital. 


Stevenson Memorial Hospital 

“The experience of scheduling – not only for the hospital, but for our clinicians from a personal perspective – has improved. It helps to make life more predictable in a business that runs 24/7, and by making the process easier, we are not running short which has a major impact on patient care.” 

- Carrie Jeffreys, Chief Nursing Executive



St. Joseph’s Health Care London

“Since the implementation of ShiftLink within our Mental Health Care Program at Parkwood Institute, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of complaints from staff and our union partners related to incorrect callout processes… Productivity has increased for our staffing office, which has been especially valued during the pandemic – when at times we had many shortages.  ShiftLink has been an excellent choice.”  
- Kerrie, Coordinator



Oak Valley Health 

"Instead of making dozens of phone calls to fill one shift, I can post multiple shifts in minutes. It's fast and easy." 
- Chantal Brum, Call Centre Clerk

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