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Optimize Clinical Operations with ShiftLink 


As a Clinical Operations Manager, you hold a critical role in ensuring the smooth running of medical operations, resource allocation, and patient services.


At ShiftLink, we recognize the intricacies and challenges you face daily, and we're committed to providing you with a powerful software solution to streamline clinical operations, improve resource allocation, and enhance patient service quality.


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Clinical operations manager with a nurse and a doctor out front of clinic.

Seamless Shift Management


Detail-Oriented Efficiency

Just like you, we understand that even a small hiccup can lead to significant challenges in clinical operations. ShiftLink offers detail-oriented solutions to minimize disruptions.


Strategic Thinking

Our software allows you to visualize the big picture, forecast potential challenges, and plan for them in advance.



Quick Problem Resolution

ShiftLink equips you with tools for quick and effective problem-solving, ensuring smooth operations.



Team Collaboration

Recognizing that medical operations are a team effort; our platform promotes input and collaboration from your team and other departments.


Patient-Centric Focus

Above all, we share your commitment to ensuring the best possible care for patients.





People and nurses in the waiting room of a clinic.



Minimized Disruptions, Improved Patient Experience, and Resource Allocation


By efficiently scheduling staff and resources, ShiftLink helps you minimize disruptions, reduce patient wait times, improve care quality, and enhance resource allocation, ensuring every department is adequately staffed and equipped.


Prioritize your team's well-being with balanced shifts. Start with ShiftLink today!**


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Your Motivations, Our Solutions 


Minimized Disruptions


ShiftLink helps you reduce the chance of unexpected challenges by optimizing scheduling and operations.


Better Patient Experience


With smooth operations, patient wait times decrease, and care quality improves.


Improved Resource Allocation


We provide tools to help you utilize resources more effectively, ensuring every department is adequately staffed and equipped.


Shifts made simple, staff kept happy. Dive into ShiftLink's capabilities  –


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Join the ranks of Clinical Operations Managers who have transformed clinical operations with ShiftLink.


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Stevenson Memorial Hospital 

“The experience of scheduling – not only for the hospital, but for our clinicians from a personal perspective – has improved. It helps to make life more predictable in a business that runs 24/7, and by making the process easier, we are not running short which has a major impact on patient care.” 

- Carrie Jeffreys, Chief Nursing Executive



St. Joseph’s Health Care London

“Since the implementation of ShiftLink within our Mental Health Care Program at Parkwood Institute, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of complaints from staff and our union partners related to incorrect callout processes… Productivity has increased for our staffing office, which has been especially valued during the pandemic – when at times we had many shortages.  ShiftLink has been an excellent choice.”  
- Kerrie, Coordinator



Oak Valley Health 

"Instead of making dozens of phone calls to fill one shift, I can post multiple shifts in minutes. It's fast and easy." 
- Chantal Brum, Call Centre Clerk

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