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Shift the way you work

No more time-consuming phone calls.


Using technology that's familiar and preferred, ShiftLink is so fast to implement, learn and use.


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Why Choose ShiftLink?

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Fill more shifts.
Quickly and efficiently.

  • Days to implement. Minutes to learn. Seconds to use.
  • ShiftLink can save up to 75% of time spent calling staff.
  • Time back for your patients, clients, staff....and you.
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Save Money.

  • Time isn't the only thing you get back with ShiftLink.
  • Overtime, external agency and administrative costs go down.
  • Productivity goes up....way up.
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Increase Staff Morale.

  • Staff who want the shift.
  • Managers with time to do more.
  • It IS possible!
  • ShiftLink makes a difference, so you can too.

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What our clients are saying

Covenant House Toronto logo

Covenant House Toronto

“The ShiftLink application is an incredibly valuable tool when scheduling staff. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ShiftLink saves us time rather than phoning people individually. They are very responsive to our needs and are a pleasure to work with.”
- Desiree Hosking, Associate Director, Program Services
Markham Stouffville Hospital logo

Oak Valley Health

"Instead of making dozens of phone calls to fill one shift, I can post multiple shifts in minutes. It's fast and easy."
- Chantal Brum, Call Centre Clerk
Homes First logo

Homes First Society

"Using ShiftLink has allowed staff more time to focus on clients throughout their shifts rather than doing call arounds to fill cancelled shifts. It is easy to use and training for new staff takes just a few minutes."
- Brenda De Andrade, Supervisor

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